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Cannabis tincture is a liquid extraction of cannabinoids (the medicinal compounds of the cannabis plant) that can be taken orally, used in food, or applied to the skin for relief of common conditions. A simplified explanation of how it’s made illustrates that the age-old, alchemical technique is currently being used to produce endless tincture formulations concocted to achieve every kind of outcome.

How is Cannabis Tincture Made?

The extraction process involves soaking the cannabis plant material in high-grade alcohol or other solvents to isolate and release the THC, CBD, and sought after compounds from the rest of the plant waste.

It’s important to note that cannabis products are only as good as the material of origin. Therefore, they should be sourced from a licensed dispensary that represents lab tested and certified compliant cannabis brands. Once there, helpful staff can guide you toward a safe and effective cannabis tincture selection.

Why is it So Popular?

No. 1 – Fast Acting Versatility

The cannabis tincture is hands down the most versatile type of cannabis product on the market. Its versatility first appears in the variety of compound formulations that have been developed to meet the needs of nearly every kind of cannabis consumer.

Secondly, the tincture can be consumed in several different ways. For the quickest onset of effects, It can be taken sublingually under the tongue. It can also be added to food and drink or rubbed into the skin for a topical application. 

No. 2 – Discretion

Chances are someone’s used a cannabis tincture right in front of you and it went unnoticed. That’s because tinctures are among the most discrete of all cannabis products. The first thing you notice about a tincture is the non-descript dropper bottle. So vague that it just fades into the background of life. So immaterial that your boss could pull it out of a suit pocket, shoot a dropper of clear liquid down the hatch, then start the weekly recap meeting without missing a beat. These odorless preparations have proven to be the most stealthy way to medicate when stakes are high and discretion is important.

No. 3 – Health Benefits are Easy to Achieve

Cannabis tincture dosing is an easy way to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without having to smoke or vape. A dropper-bottle enables ultimate control over the outcome of the cannabis experience. Since the tincture can be used sublingually its easier to predict when it will take effect, differing from traditional edibles that need time to work their way through the digestive system and can require a much larger time commitment. Not only can the onset be managed more accurately so can the dose. Each dropper is marked in .25 ml increments for precise treatment. 

It’s easy to understand why cannabis tincture is so popular once you consider the importance of convenience, versatility, discretion, and safety. It’s incognito delivery and effective formulas have transformed many people into loyal and highly comfortable cannabis users.